Dry sea freight containers


Dry Containers

Dry containers 20' and 40' (general purpose) are manufactured from either aluminium or steel. They are suitable for most types of cargo. Aluminium dry containers have a slightly larger payload than steel, and steel dry containers have a slightly larger internal cube.

Dry container dimensions

Specific dimensions and capacity of dry containers may vary depending on the container manufacturer, the age of the container and the container owner. The specifications listed below are, however, representative.


20' dry container

40' dry container

Tare weight 2,300 kg
5,071 lbs
3,750 kg
8,268 lbs
Payload capacity 25,000 kg
55,126 lbs
27,600 kg
61,200 lbs
Cubic capacity
33.2 m3
1,172 cu ft
67.7 m3
2,389 cu ft
Internal length
5.9 m
19.4 ft
12.03 m 39.5 ft
Internal width
2.35 m
7.7 ft
2.35 m 7.7 ft
Internal height
2.39 m
7.9 ft
2.39 m 7.9 ft
Door opening width
2.34 m
7.7 ft
2.34 m 7.7 ft
Door opening height
2.28 m
7.5 ft
2.28 m 7.5 ft
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