Wind Farm - Snowtown, South Australia

The DSV Projects departments in Denmark, China and Australia were nominated to organise the delivery of several wind turbines to wind farms in each respective country. DSV Projects Australia were to deliver 90 wind turbines on the Snowtown II project – a wind farm in South Australia that can supply energy for 170,000 households!

During the project, 35,000 square metres of storage was required as each turbine blade 53 metres long. With so many components to deliver and with great distances to cover, one might expect to encounter some problems along the way: time delays, storage space, packing issues, etc. However, before commencing the transportation of any components, DSV Projects identified possible setbacks and developed contingency plans for them. And the planning and strong collaboration between project departments in Denmark, China and Australia paid off in the successful delivery of the project.

It was a pleasure for me to work with DSV and the feedback which I received from the site team was also very positive… DSV’s understanding and coordination of deliveries together with the flexibility of the entire transport team and the good working relationship on-site, all contributed to the successful completion of the project

Rosary Pereira, Commercial Project Manager, Siemens Ltd. Australia, Major Projects Execution

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